Street Smart Security Consultants are Constables that are bonded and insured for all legal services in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our services are include:

  • Process Serving Statewide, All subpoenas, summons &  complaint, notices, motions etc. Process of any kind.
  • Subpoena’s drawn up, As Notaries Public, upon request, we may draw up a Subpoena for service.
  • Court Filing, Legal errands and more.
  • Judgment Recovery, If you’re having trouble collecting your money judgment, give us a call, we may be able to help.
  • Capias Warrant Arrests, Probate court, Judgment Debtors, Criminal and Habius Corpus.
  • Warrant Arrests, Criminal Capias other criminal warrants directed to us.
  • Demand Executions, Property seizure of Judgment Debtors.
  • Evictions & Summary Process / Landlord services, 14 and 30 day notices, Summons and Physical evictions.
  • Skip Trace Investigations, Locating people, companies or assets.
  • DMV Records, Data, Driving Histories, Utilizing the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Notary Public services
  • Child Support Enforcement, Probate Capias Warrants of arrest for deadbeat parents.
  • Witness Locating
  • If there is a service not mentioned that you are in need of, just call us and if we can legally perform it, we will.

We provide services for private parties, Pro se parties, Law Offices, Local Governments, Attorney’s, Landlords and the General Public.


  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • Summary Process
  • Housing
  • Attachments
  • Small Claims
  • Supplementary Process
  • Domestic Relations
  • Trustee Process
  • Notices of all kinds
  • Civil, Criminal, Federal


Street Smart Security Consultants is a member of the Massachusetts Bay Constable’s Association and has associates in all Counties in the Commonwealth. Service can be made in all Cities and Towns in the State and no service will be denied. Service will be made by networking with these associates or by having a motion allowed by a judge in accordance with Rule 4.c of the M.R.C.P. which would allow service to be made out of an officers appointed jurisdiction. We can also perform out of state services. Street Smart Security Consultants are your Mass Bay constables, contact us today.


  • Advanced witness fees for Subpoenas
  • Invoice billing
  • Same day service
  • Free pick up or fax it over
  • No out of pocket cost for the plaintiff when having a Capias Warrant or Demand Execution served
  • 24 hour assistance 7 days a week
  • Can ensure service to any part of Massachusetts utilizing our extensive network of Constables and Process Servers
  • Flat rates and flexible fees available to all clients

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